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Online Workshops


Our calendar typically follows the school year calendar. This summer we are proud to be offering a series of summer workshops.

Current workshops available are listed down below.

Click here to see our past workshops and the current brochure.

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Why Online Learning?

Our world is filled with poor sex education, stigmatized conversations, multicultural communities, and emerging sexual and gender fluidity. The sexual health field is blossoming and comprehensive knowledge is in-demand.  ASPSH's online workshops are designed to provide information, stimulate discussion, and create opportunities for you to grow your skills and further your career and passion.

Learn at the convenience of your own home or work. Day or night. Urban or rural. You'll have access from anywhere across Canada or around the world. To date, we have offered over 200 online workshops to sexual health professionals, nurses, teachers, parents, students, and other individuals interested in sexual health.

What is the Workshop Format?

Our platform, Thinkific, is an easy web-based learning tool that anyone can learn to use. Step by step instructions will be provided and support is available.

The duration of each workshop is approximately two weeks, including at least two weekends and two business weeks.

Within each workshop there are usually three learning modules. Each module takes about one hour each to complete.

Each one hour module includes:

  • Two Suggested Readings/Articles

  • PowerPoint Slides

  • Two Activity Worksheets

  • Two Discussion Questions

  • Two Additional Resources

  • Workshop Evaluation (after the last module)

What are the Workshop Fees?

Workshop fees are to be paid before start of workshop (unless previous arrangements have been made with Melanie).

  • Member rate = $50 CDN per workshop

  • Student rate = $25 CDN per workshop

  • Student non-member = $40 per workshop

  • Non-member rate = $75 CDN per workshop


What are the Membership Fees?

All memberships are valid for one year from date of purchase.

  • Student rate = $20 CDN

  • Individual rate = $40 CDN

  • Organizational rate =  $100 CDN.  Up to ten staff members per organization. Each additional staff is $5 more.

ASPSH welcomes the expertise of our valued facilitators. We acknowledge our workshops as reflective and supportive of a variety of perspectives that encourage discussion and dialogue and as such, the information presented is that of the workshop facilitator(s).

Workshops Currently Available


Please register at least three days before the start of your workshop. Our preferred method of payment is PayPal.

If you are having difficulties or need to pay via e-transfer or mailed cheque, please contact us at

Members receive 25% off when you register for 3 or more.png

Workshop Prices
Note: 3 and 2 module workshop prices will vary
MEMBERS: $50 for 3; $38 for 2
NON-MEMBERS: $75 for 3; $50 for 2
STUDENT MEMBERS: $25 for3; $17 for 2
STUDENT NON-MEMBERS: $40 for 3; $28 for 2

Members receive 25% off when registering for 3 or more workshops!
use promo code: 3ORMORE


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