Sex Work is Work
Summer 2021 - 4 August 2 - 15, 2021
Developed and Facilitated by Inna Stefen, Edmonton


Workshop Description

"Sex Work Is Work, or Please don't Save our Souls" - this workshop intends to give
students an insight into the long-time stigmatized entertainment and sex industry culture
in Alberta and the whole of Canada. Students will explore challenges, obstacles and
biases that sex professionals currently face, as well as gain an understanding of legal
aspects of sex work in Canada and the difference between consensual sex work and
human trafficking. Special attention is given to myths that surround sex work and the
truth about it; students will learn what advantages and setbacks sex work presents and
will hear stories of actual sex professionals. This workshop designed for those who are
wanting to expand their understanding of sex-industry culture and educate themselves
on how to be a successful ally.


  • Inna StefenInna Stefen was born in Russia. An Honour student, a specialist (a 5-year-degree) withdegrees in Physical Education and General Management. Worked in Japan, Ukraineand Russia as a singer and later dancer and dance instructor. Immigrated to Canada 8years ago. Worked as an exotic dancer in Alberta and BC for 5 years, 1st Runner-up inMiss Nude Alberta 2016, feature entertainer performing pole, aerials and fire. PersonalTrainer and Wellness Athlete. Small business owner. Senior BScN student, currentlyworking in the rural acute care setting. Board member of ANSWER Society andvolunteer at AILA society. Married; mom of two children of 7 and 16 years, and four tinychihuahuas.