Sex Positive & Kink
Awareness For Professional Training Summer

2021 - 5 August 16 - August 29, 2021
Developed and Facilitated by Angel Sumka, ASPECC, Edmonton


Workshop DescriptionThis workshop aims to increase professional competency in addressing the needs ofclients who engage in bondage, consensual sadomasochism, group sex activities andother so called ‘’kink’’ related sexuality.Participants will learn about this community and the activities that are included in thisumbrella of “kink” or “BDSM”. They will learn to differentiate between abuse andconsensual alternative sexual practices. They will be able to identify the barriers facedby persons who engage in these activities and/or belong to the communities for theseactivities, and learn how to reduce those barriers. Learning materials for this workshopincludes the lived experience of the presenter and the collaboration and academicresearch with members of the BDSM community in Alberta as well as other limitedresources including the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom.


  • Angel Sumka

    Angel Sumka (they/she) is a human rights activist, professional speaker and sex positive educator. Angel is a highly sought after presenter with a variety of organizations including Lupercalia, West Coast Bound, NAIT, MacEwan University, Edmonton Men’s Health Collective, Calgary QAS, as well as dozens of local organizations and
    corporations for employee learning development. Angel was most recently honoured to develop content for the University of Alberta post graduate Sexual Health Certificate Program. Angel is a founding member of ASPECC (Alberta Sex Positive Education and
    Community Centre) and ANSWER (Advocates for Normalization of Sex Work Through Education and Resources). She is a certified Sex Coach, Sex Educator (American College of Sexologists) and First Responder to Sexual Assault. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Counselling Psychology.