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WORKSHOP #196 – February 19 - March 8, 2020 

Understanding Masculinity and Sexual Violence


Developed and Facilitated by Marek Buchanan & Joe McGuireCalgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse


Men are responsible for the majority of sexual violence against women, trans and non-binary people, as well as against other men. In this workshop we will be examining the connection between this and to how society sets the standards of manhood and masculinity. Participants will critically examine masculinity, its connections to sexual violence, and how men can be part of the solution. This workshop is encouraged for anyone hoping to learn more about how to take part in the ever-growing conversation about men and masculinity.

Understanding Masculinity and Sexual Violence

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  • Marek Buchanan is a Sexual Violence Educator at Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse and has been involved in the field of sexual violence since 2012. Originally from Edmonton, Marek has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Alberta. His work has included crisis support, public education on sexual violence, and working with people who committed acts of sexual or domestic violence in group and
    individual settings. As an educator at CCASA, Marek has facilitated many workshops on sexual violence and has been closely involved in facilitation and development of CCASA’s Men’s Engagement programs.

    Joe McGuire is a Sexual Violence Educator at Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA) and has been part of the Education and Training team since 2013. Joe is an intersectional feminist and firmly believes in the goals of the movement and challenging oppression in any of the forms it might take. Along with facilitating various presentations about sexual violence, Joe helped to develop the “ManEnough?”
    Program at CCASA. This program aims to provide a space for men who want to gain tools and language to more effectively challenge men’s violence against women, as well as gender based violence more generally. Joe is also very active on social media, using those tools to challenge events and situations that require more awareness and more active conversation.