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WORKSHOP #193 – November 18 - December 8, 2019


Developed and Facilitated by Colleen Larsen, AHS, Calgary Region

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:This workshop explores the intersection of sexual health and mentalhealth, focusing on the issue of body image within the adolescent population. Though mental healthand sexual health have enormous influence on each other, this subject often goes unaddressed, bothby health care providers as well as in many sexual health education programs. As the stigma ofdiscussing sexual health has begun to decrease, there has been a rise in research that highlights theinter-relatedness of mental and sexual health, and the importance of acknowledging and addressingthese needs in tandem rather than as separate concerns. This workshop aims to provide a basicoverview of the common mental health diagnoses that occur in adolescence, how they can affect selfimage,common body image concerns, the sexual health needs of this population, and ways toaddress these topics with youth.

Sexuality and Mental Health: Body Image

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  • Colleen Larsen (she/her/hers) is a Registered Nurse who works in the mental health field, primarily with adolescents as well as crisis intervention services. She has worked in a variety of settings within mental health and has had the privilege of working as an instructor of nursing
    students at both Mount Royal University and the University of Calgary. In recent years, Colleen has also been pursuing her first passion – sexual health education. She is currently taking the University of Alberta’s Post-Graduate Sexual Health certificate and is very excited to share this workshop with you!