WORKSHOP #198 – March 16 - April 5, 2020  

Sexuality and Aging: So Many Possibilities 


Developed and Facilitated by Jennifer Opoku, Edmonton


This workshop is focused on the intersection of sexuality and aging. We will spend some time looking at the definitions of both terms and reflect on why some of the most prevalent views about sexuality and aging. While we will be mindful of the challenges that may accompany aging, we will look at sexuality from a possibilities perspective. What activities can we continue uninterrupted? What activities could be modified? I will provide some helpful resources for additional information to supplement the workshop.

Sexuality and Aging: So Many Possibilities

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  • Jennifer Opoku completed a Masters degree in Health Information Science from the University of Western Ontario where she focused her research on sexual health information. Forever a librarian, she is constantly fascinated by the treasures one can find online when safely searching and continually seeking opportunities to share knowledge that decreases stigma.

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