WORKSHOP #206 – November 2 - 22, 2020


Rethinking Prevention


Developed and Facilitated by Hilary Jahelka & Rita Antwi,Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse, Calgary


What does sexual violence prevention mean? How do we move away from harmful safety tips to true prevention? This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of what rethinking prevention looks like as we explore the realities of sexual violence. We will analyze the impacts of harmful prevention. In addition to what effective strategies can look like regarding sexual violence. Participants will leave with tools for how they can support in sexual violence prevention work.

Rethinking Prevention

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  • Hilary Jahelka (She/Her) is a Sexual Violence Educator at CCASA. Hilary joined CCASA over two years ago covering a maternity leave position as the Education and Outreach Program Supervisor and has since moved into an Educator position. Hilary’s background is in Women’s Studies and while completing her degree she supported efforts to address sexual violence on post-secondary campuses across the province. She is currently in school for her MSW and has moved part-time at CCASA. She is passionate about rethinking the way we talk about prevention and sexual violence. Hilary works within the feminist and queer communities in Calgary, continually learning and expanding her intersectional framework.

    Rita Antwi (She/Her) is a Sexual Violence Educator at CCASA, Rita is newer to the team. She has been in the sexual violence sector for three years. Starting her work in Southwestern Alberta. Her work experience spans from the SART team, Police & court support, crisis support, training and education. Rita graduated with a background in sociology. She uses an intersectional approach to challenge the attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate violence within our society. Rita believes that through education, communities can start to work towards learning and unlearning views folks may have carried when it comes to sexual violence.

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