WORKSHOP #203– September 21 - October 11, 2020 

Practicing Sex Positivity in a Sex Negative Society 

Developed and Facilitated by Erica Van Kuppeveld, Founder of SEXPLETIVE, Edmonton, Alberta 


Workshop Description - Sex-negativity and sex-positivity are words commonly used with little critical analysis in their wider distribution. In this workshop we will first discuss the ways our western society is sex-negative, how this perception of sexuality came to be, and the effects it has. Next, we will delve into sex-positivity: the benefits this movement has had but also how it can be damaging and marginalizing when applied without using trauma-informed languaging or considering the oppressive structures we exist within. In the final module we further critically analyze the sex-positive movement and discuss how to best practice sex-positivity in an inclusive, intersectional manner.

Practicing Sex Positivity in a Sex Negative Society

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  • Erica Van Kuppeveld believes that sexual health is equally as important to our overall wellbeing as our mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual health are and should be viewed and treated as such. She is working to reduce the taboo around sexuality by inclusively discussing it from a non-judgmental, trauma- informed perspective based in fact. Erica has completed the Graduate Certificate in Sexual Health through the U of A, has worked at the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, and volunteers with Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness (now part of the YWCA). Additionally, she is conducting a Quality Improvement study about perceptions of abstinence-only sexual health education. She recently returned from Amsterdam where she worked in a sex shop and a non-profit working to elevate the agency of sex workers in the Red Light District. She is the creator of SEXPLETIVE, a company focusing on expanding perceptions about sexuality, creating safe spaces, and producing high-quality, sustainable sex toys.

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