November 1-21, 2021



Workshop DescriptionHealing through sexual trauma is a big chapter within most of our lives and something that will be ongoing, which as time passes becomes easier to navigate. We will look at how we can build intimacy with ourselves and others, both sexually and non sexully, gently and with compassion. How we can include Reiki to support our sexual wellness and health, while working through trauma and how spirituality (non religious) can support our journey through sexual trauma.All workshop modules are delivered in a trauma informed, meet you where you are, format, with emphasis that you know you best and this isn't a destination type of workshop, instead it is a build your internal supports as wellness begins within and shows without. We approach all workshops from a decolonised and intersectional lens.

Module 1 - Sexual Trauma and Building Intimacy

Module 2 - Reiki and Sexual Wellness/

Health Module 3 - Spirituality and Sexual Wellness (non-religious)


  • Maxan Ferguson-Dyer started her professional career within Blood and transplant sciences, specializing in Stem cells collection and transplantation as a healthcare scientist. Moving to Canada From England and then to Edmonton, began working in public health education and currently owns and operates a science based wellness business, called Blu Lunar Wellness, that uses a social enterprise framework to focus on the 15 social determinants to health. Grounded in evidence based trauma informed modalities along with her professional academic background and lived experiences to support others in their journey to wellness.