WORKSHOP #208 – January 11 - January 31, 2021 


Exploring Sex Toys for All Bodies


Developed and Facilitated by Erica VanKuppeveld,Founder SEXPLETIVE, Edmonton


This workshop is all about sex toys! First, we will set the stage by discussing the history, cultural relevance, and other important considerations when purchasing and exploring with sex toys. Next, we will delve into accessibility issues and how to broaden our discourse and developments around sex toys to be more inclusive of age, socio-economic status, ability, gender & sexual expression, race, and to consider environmental, social, and political factors around their usage. Sex toys are a great tool for pleasure, exploration, and empowerment, but much like any topic in sexuality, their application and design should be continually developed and questioned in order to be more inclusive, effective, and intersectional.

Exploring Sex Toys for All Bodies

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  • Erica Van Kuppeveld believes that sexual health is equally as important to our overall wellbeing as our mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual health and should be viewed and treated as such. She is working to reduce the taboo around sexuality by inclusively discussing it from a non-judgmental, trauma- informed perspective based in fact. Erica has completed the Graduate Certificate in Sexual Health through the U of A, has worked at the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, and volunteers with Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness (now part of the YWCA). Additionally, she is conducting a Quality Improvement study about perceptions of abstinence-only sexual health education. She recently returned from Amsterdam where she worked in a sex shop and a non-profit working to elevate the agency of sex workers in the Red Light District. She is the creator of SEXPLETIVE, a company focusing on expanding perceptions about sexuality, creating safe spaces, and producing high-quality, sustainable sex toys.

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