March 28 - April 17, 2022


WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Good sex ed has the power to be revolutionary. Comprehensive sexuality education teaches young people about power and privilege. They learn about equity in relationships. And they learn to stand up for what they believe in. Anti-racist sex-ed is one important piece of the puzzle towards social justice. However, it is also important to consider how we got here. There is a long history of harmful, oppressive, and violent practices in reproductive health that helped us to get where we are today. It is important that we understand this context if we are going to pursue anti-racist education.


This workshop is directed toward teachers and health educators to increase their knowledge, skills, and capacity to deliver anti-racist comprehensive sexuality education in their classrooms. This webinar will address the following questions: What does anti-racism look like in a sexual health education context? How can anti-racism help ensure that sexual health education is accessible and inclusive to all students?


  • Delilah Kamuhanda (she/her), BAS, is a Ugandan-American from the Washington DC area. She is a newcomer and settler to Treaty 6 Territory. As the Sexual Health Coordinator at Saskatoon Sexual Health and OUTSaskatoon, Delilah's approach to sexual health education is sex-positive, inclusive, trauma-informed and anti-oppressive. In addition, she strives to bring fun and openness to often complex or uncomfortable topics, like sex, health and relationships.

    Natalya Mason (she/her), BA, BSW, PgCSH, RSW is a sexual health educator and social worker who was born and raised in Saskatoon, SK. She is a second-generation Canadian, and a settler on Treaty Six Territory. She has degrees in psychology and social work. Natalya recently completed a graduate degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexualities Studies. She is a queer feminist living in contradiction, committed to continuous learning and unlearning.