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WORKSHOP #190 – October 7 - October 27, 2019 

The Anti-Choice Movements in Canada Today


Developed and Facilitated by: Joyce Arthur (ARCC) & Kathy Dawson
(ARCC and Alberta Pro-Choice Coalition) Vancouver & Edmonton


The anti-choice movement is high ly active in Canada, but how politically
influential are they? This workshop will look at the history and scope of the anti-choice movement in Canada and examine their key activities and strategies, including during the federal 2019 election campaign. What are their goals? How are they funded? What are the main threats they pose to reproductive rights and other human rights?
To get a sense of how politically influential the anti-choice movement is in Canada, the workshop will look at several provinces where reproductive rights are being violated or may be threatened by conservative governments, including Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and New Brunswick – as well as federally if the Conservatives win the 2019 election. Party positions on reproductive rights will be reviewed.
Another focus will be anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centres” that misinform and deceive clients about abortion and other healthcare, and which have been making incursions into school sex-ed curriculums
and opening maternity homes. You will learn about what ARCC and the reproductive rights movement has been doing in response to
anti-choice actions, participate in a discussion of other potential strategies and campaigns, and find ways to get involved yourself to protect abortion access and rights.

The Anti-Choice Movements in Canada Today

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  • Kathy Dawson is a board member of the Alberta Pro-Choice Coalition and the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. Since 2013, Kathy has been working to get anti-choice groups blocked from classrooms, public funding & government referrals. She is active on social media under Edmonton Pro-Choice@blueskies366 and Alberta Pro-Choice Coalition @abprochoice (on Twitter). Facebook activity includes Alberta Handmaids Coalition and Alberta Pro-Choice Coalition.
    Joyce Arthur is the founder and Executive Director of Canada's national pro-choice group, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC). Before founding ARCC in 2005, she ran the Pro-Choice Action Network in British Columbia for 10 years and was editor of the national newsletter Pro-Choice Press. Joyce is a writer and researcher, media spokesperson, and international speaker on abortion and other women’s rights and social
    justice issues.