Workshop Number: 

April 10- 30, 2023


WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: In this workshop you will recognizeinternal biases and explore ways to help reduce that bias to provide the most effective and empowering sexual health
education possible. Participants will learn why it is important to use inclusive language in all areas of teaching to help reduce harm and to understand the impact words have on marginalized groups. Workshop participants will empower themselves with knowledge and empathy, to then empower and encourage their students to make the healthiest sexual decisions for themselves. Overall, participants will become more confident in teaching the
topic of sexual health, gain skills on how to answer questions about sexual health effectively, creating an inclusive learning environment for all, and empowering students to make the
healthiest choices for their own sexual health."

Teaching the Teacher

  • Ann Sinyard (she/her) is an enthusiastic sexual health educator in
    Edmonton whose work is centered on accessible, sex-positive education for all folks! She integrates compassion, gender/cultural-inclusivity, and functional awareness into all aspects of
    her work, and is unafraid of answering any questions surrounding consent, intimacy, and biology—particularly given her experience as a sexual health consultant at With Consent. She is continually motivated by the evolving trends related to sexual health outreach and education. Ann is eager to promote sex-positive health knowledge through her workshops and as an influencer online.
    Ann’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from MacEwan University and a graduate certificate in Sexual Health from the University of Alberta. Her sexual health education career has cemented her capacity to set a strong foundation for bias and judgment-free sex education in either a classroom or digital setting. She is excited to support other educators in becoming better equipped to inform their clientele on some of the ways to empower themselves to make the best decisions about their own individual sexual health needs and overall wellness.