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May 15- June 4, 2023


WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Talking about sex, sexuality, and sexual health can be an awkward conversation for people to have, but when an intellectual disability is factored in, somehow the conversation becomes much more complex- why is this?
Historically, the sexuality of people with an IDD has been forcibly removed, whether it was through forced sterilization, restricted access to sexualfreedoms, or denied sexual expression.Even today, the heavy policing of disabled people’s bodies makes it socially acceptable to deny this population many rights that are afforded to others, including the right to get married or have children. This workshop will take you through the history of disability in Canada and where we are now. We will
define sexual ableism, where it comes from, and why it’s a problem. We will take a look at how sexual ableism can be combatted, and how we can TRULY support folks with an intellectual and/or developmental disability to have healthy sexualities.

Sexuality and Intellectual and Developmental Disability

  • Amanda Abergel (she/her) is a Toronto-basedSexual Health Educator. She has been working in the field of developmental services for 14 years supporting people with disabilities and dual diagnosis (IDD) within day programs and residential settings. Amanda is a sexual health educator
    who provides one-to-one sexual health education to individuals with IDDs to help fill in the gaps of information, as well as to help boost their self-esteem and advocacy skills. Amanda’s goals are to raise awareness of disabled sexuality, dismantle sexual ableism, and advocate for the sexual rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Amanda recognizes that sexuality is a part of the human experiences and has a passion for creating accessible and inclusive workshops for ALL people.