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WORKSHOP #S-8 July 8 - July 21, 2019

Sex Positivity Starts at Home 

Developed and Facilitated by:Angel SumkaEducation Coordinator, Alberta Sex Positive Education and Community Centre

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Designed for folks of all ages, this workshop helps us to develop an understanding of the ways in which our society has a negative view of sex, sexuality and gender.The workshop will provide us with the means to develop our own sex positivity at home, and create space in homes and communities for healthy conversations about consent, sexual health and diversity.

Sex Positivity Starts at Home

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  • Angel Sumka is a cisgendered (which means she identifies with the gender that correlates with the sex she was assigned at birth), pansexual (attracted to people and their personalities, regardless of their gender), white female. She prefer the pronouns She Her or They Them. She is the past president and current Education Coordinator of Alberta Sex Positive Education and Community Centre (also known as ASPECC). She has a BA in Psychology with a minor in Criminology, and her studies were focused on culture, diversity, sexuality, human development and the laws and customs that preside over sex and gender. She also has a criminology diploma, social science certificate and a love coach certification.