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October 17- November 6, 2022


WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:This workshop is all about sextoys! First, we will set the stage by discussing the history, cultural relevance, and other important considerations when purchasing and exploring with sex toys. Next, we will delve into accessibility issues and how to broaden our discourse and developments
around sex toys to be more inclusive of age, socio-economic status, ability, gender & sexual expression, race, and to consider environmental, social, and political factors around their usage. Sex toys are a great tool for pleasure, exploration, and empowerment, but much like any topic in sexuality, their application and design should be continually developed and questioned in order to be more inclusive, effective, and

Sex toys for all bodies

  •  Erica Van Kuppeveld (she/her) is a certified sexual health educator based in Edmonton, Alberta on Treaty 6 Territory. The abstinence-only sexual health education she received growing up as a student in the catholic school system has greatly influenced her career path and motivated her to become an inclusive, evidence-based, sex-positive, non-judgemental educator - a resource she wished she had as a teen.
    Erica currently works at the Traveling Tickle Trunk, Edmonton’s sex-positive adult toy store and runs her own business: SEXPLETIVE, through which she offers tailored sex-ed and creates beautiful, body-safe ceramic dildos. She has been involved with a number of community organizations such as SACE and Compass, and prior to the pandemic, worked in Amsterdam to experientially learn from the notoriously sexpositive
    Dutch culture.