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WORKSHOP #189 September 30 - October 20, 2019

Indigenous Gender and Sexuality

Developed and Facilitated by: Gabriel Castilloux Calderon

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Indigenous Gender and Sexuality is a course offered over threemodules:Module 1: Indigenous Sexuality and Wellness will focus on traditional teachings around sex,consent and the gifts that healthy sexuality brings us.Module 2: Gender Diversity will focus on explanations of gender, biological sex, genderexpression and sexual orientation and how each of these concepts applies to us all.Module 3: Two Spirit, will explore historical concepts around two spirit, delve into the vastcommunity cultural roles Indigenous people identified

Indigenous Gender and Sexuality

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  • Gabriel Castilloux Calderón (they/them) is nij-manidowag (two spirit) Mi'kmaq, Algonquin, Scottish and French Canadian. They currently thrive in Cree/Blackfoot/Salteaux/Nakota Sioux Treaty 6 territory (Edmonton). Gabriel is actively involved in several different forms of traditional
    indigenous culture and ceremony, as a drummer, and a grass, jingle and buffalo dancer, and proudly celebrates an addiction free life. Gabriel is an author, slam poet, artist and musician. They have a BSW from Carleton University, a diploma in herbology and a diploma in addictions, they have also been a workshop educator for over ten years.