Workshop Number: 

May 29 - June 18, 2023

(3 module) 

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Healing Through Intentional Conscious Intimate Relationships, when we talk about healing through intentional conscious relationships we are referring to still remaining on your healing journey, knowing that you have everything you need within, but once you have navigated the waters within. How do you, with support and tools, continue to heal through intentional conscious (intimate) relationships?

We will build on the tools we shared in our last sessions (Healing through trauma) and include them again here. However, doing this workshop before is not a necessity. As we will be sharing new tools and methods.We will cover couples Reiki and energy work, couples meditation and  intimacy building while holding space.


Sexual wellness is more than just knowing your status and getting tested it seeing yourself as a whole person, that requires a holistic, gentle and  self compassionate approach :

Module 1: Couples Reiki and Energy Work

Module 2: Couples Mediation

Module 3: Intimacy Building While Holding Space

Healing Through Intentional Conscious Intimate Relationships

  • Maxan Ferguson-Dyer started her professional career within Blood and transplant sciences, specializing in Stem cells collection and transplantation as a healthcare scientist. Moving to Canada From England and then to Edmonton, began working in public health education and currently owns and operates a science based wellness business, called Blu Lunar Wellness, that uses a social enterprise framework to focus on the 15 social determinants to health. Grounded in evidence based trauma informed modalities along with her professional academic background and lived experiences to support others in their journey to wellness.