Workshop Number: 

February 6-26


WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: This workshop emphasizes the embodied and relational aspects of sexuality and gender, grounded in and shaped by Cree-Métis teachings of wâhkôhtowin - kinship, and more broadly interconnectedness and relationality. Influenced by Indigenous researchers and sexual/reproductive health practitioners, as well as non-Indigenous somatic and sexual/reproductive health practitioners, this workshop connects body sovereignty to Indigenous sovereignties. Using a framework that centers the body in relation to communities, nations, institutions, social norms, historical forces, and contemporary colonial policies, we will also focus on how colonialism, supremacy (white, male, human), and capitalism have impacted our understandings of gender and sexuality. We will look at embodied centering practices, as well as arts-based storytelling and performance practices, grounded in place and language, as ways to approach and support restorying and reclaiming Indigenous sexualities and genders.


  • Kirsten Lindquist (she/they) is a white Cree-Métis PhD Student in Indigenous Studies at the Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta, research assistant for RELAB, and co-producer at Tipi Confessions, a sexy storytelling show. Through performance art, burlesque dancing and massage training, Kirsten explores movement and bodywork as research-creative practices to experience and understand gender and sexuality as erotic ecologies.