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February 20- March 12, 2023


WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Neurodivergent youth are often left out of the peer conversations that allow for a deepening understanding of consent, flirting, sexual harassment, and healthy relationships. What information they do receive is designed for neurotypical brains, and assumes the student can extrapolate the taught information across multiple scenarios and experiences. Social skills programs often lack any information on sex, dating, flirting and crushes.This workshop explores evidence based strategies to support students across neurofunction to ensure that they have the tools they need to support healthy, adult relationships. We will explore some common errors professionals make when teaching neurodivergent and blended groups and strengthen our sex positive approach.

Consent and Social Skills for Sex and Dating

  • Angel Sumka (they/theirs) is a queer, neurodivergent individual, Angel has a passion for sex positivity and life long learning.  They are one of the founders of the nonprofit ASPECC, an Alberta nonprofit that strives to provide shame free sexual health and wellness support to the public. They run a program for neurodivergent youth and young adults and they are a sex positive educator.  Angel has a BA in psych, and soon an MA in counseling psychology.