WORKSHOP #S22-1 July 18-31, 2022

But I saw it on the internet! Supporting media literacy in our communities 


Developed and Facilitated by Christine Sturgeon, Alberta Health Services, Calgary



Media in general and digital media specifically can create positive social action, innovation and support critical thinking skills; they both can also lead to social harms and misinformation. In this workshop, we will learn more about supporting media literacy in our communities by:

  • Reflecting on our use of media and digital media
  • Defining media literacy and digital literacy
  • Examining media messages and their influence
  • Build understanding about the basic competencies, skills, rights and responsibilities needed to navigate and create media in heathy ways
  • Exploring resources related to media and digital literacy including social media, sexting and


  • Considering media literacy as a tool for empowerment


This workshop is for parents, teachers, health care providers and other community members.

But I saw it on the internet! Supporting media literacy in our communities

  • Christine Sturgeon, (B.Ed., Certified Child Development Coordinator, Certified Addiction Studies) is an AHS-Sexual and Reproductive Health Community Educator with professional experience as a high school teacher, crisis intervention & family specialist, parent educator and addictions support home provider. She has had the opportunity to teach an array of topics such as healthy sexuality, working with high risk youth, ESL and domestic conflict resolution.